About me

I am the son of Surinamese expats who moved to the Netherlands in the early seventies. Growing up in between two cultures, the Dutch and the Surinamese, I learned from an early age how to navigate through differing social and cultural contexts. It was part of my upbringing to explore the world to identify the issues I felt strongly about and wanted to have a positive impact on. For me that was to prevent wasting talent.. Globally.

As a young professional I had the privilege of working on community projects in Nepal and Suriname, building hospitals and implementing warning systems to protect locals against dangers of floods. These experiences in my younger years shaped me; it taught me to build bridges and to connect worlds that seem very different at the surface. Not only because it was the right thing to do, but more so because it created opportunity for social innovations and infrastructures for harvesting talent.

The same principles guide me in my current career. Throughout my endeavors I continuously strive to elevate talent through leadership development platforms in sectors such as HealthCare, Engineering, Education and the Social Domain.

I live by the following mission statement:

“ My purpose is to be an internal student of (human) development and share insights with others to help them discover their purpose. I am a continuous traveler on the path of evolution. I keep learning every day, hence I treat every day like a gift. I inspire people to be the best they can be, whilst doing so myself.”


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